Monday, June 4, 2007

Shopping With Fashion Chick NYC

A perfect storm of events occurred in my life recently: I turned 33 two weeks ago, got a new full-time job paying me a very nice salary and warm, summer-like weather officially arrived in New York. These three events prompted me to do some serious power-shopping over the past two weeks. I'm not proud of how much money I have spent... I mean it could certainly have been better used in an IRA or in my savings account, but occasionally you just have to indulge. Here are some of my favorite purchases which fall into multiple categories.

"Overpriced and Worth Every Penny"

The Rachel Pally dress I'm wearing here probably looks fairly simple and not worth $211. The fact is, as a pear-shaped petite woman I look tall and long in this picture. Isn't that worth a few extra bucks? I love the print and fun/functional pockets on the dress. I also love the deep v-neck. If I'm feeling saucy, I might wear it without a camisole underneath.

I can't tell you how many compliments I've gotten on this Juicy Couture top. And in the interest of full disclosure, I've worn it four times in the past two weeks (around different people of course!). It's extremely comfortable and soft since it's a silk and cotton blend. Also, the ruffled sleeves, yoking at the collar and embroidery make it wonderfully feminine.

I wore the above ruffled Marc by Marc Jacobs dress for my birthday dinner with my friends and husband. This dress is a prime example of the importance of shopping around. While I was able to get if for about 60% off the original price at, it's still selling for full price at Make sure you check around before spending a fortune on a dress!

In case you like this dress, here are a few more fun things about it. It's silk and the ruffles sway a little when you walk. The swaying ruffles made even my usual, ungainly stomping gait look a little model-icious.

"Functional and Fair-Priced"

This blue silk top from Banana Republic was $68 and will surely be on heavy rotation in my summer wardrobe. While at first, I completely embraced the volume trend since it allowed for those of us without washboard abs to be a little less self-conscious about our mid-sections, it can truly be a tough look to pull off. Too much volume can make you look even larger than you may actually be. This top can only work with the skinniest of pants.

"Um, Fashion Chick NYC... You're About 10,000 Months Late...."

I know the Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats have been on every fashionista's feet for months now but I just received this black pair as a birthday gift from my husband. While many ballet flats are not comfortable because they lack arch support, I found that these were not hard on my feet. If you still haven't bought a pair but plan to, here's a warning: they pinch a litte at the top of your foot. It's nothing you can't break in, though.

"Such a Deal, You'd Be LOSING Money if You Don't Buy Them!"

Can you believe these cool and comfortable red shoes were only $29.99??? Get to an Aerosoles store, immediately!

Happy shopping!