Saturday, July 7, 2007

Peep-Toe Crazy!

While I can appreciate the beauty of Christian Louboutin's shoes, rarely do I feel the urge to actually buy a pair. With prices upwards of $500, I simply can't afford them. But I have become obsessed with his peep-toe Mary Jane pumps since all of hot young Hollywood seems to own a pair. What has me especially curious about these shoes is that they are 4-inch stillettos, which is a style I have found to be cripplingly uncomfortable. But many starlets, such as Jessica Alba, own these shoes and wear them repeatedly which leads me to believe they may actually be comfortable!

Sarah Michelle Gellar wears her peep-toe Loubs to a movie premiere.

Hillary Duff performs in her Loubs on the Today Show.

LeAnn Rimes promotes Corn Flakes in her Loubs.

Yikes! Even perennially worst-dressed Britney Spears owns a pair!

I think these may be Hollywood's new "it" shoe.