Sunday, September 16, 2007

Spring 2008 NY Fashion Week: De La Renta Designs for the Life I Wish I Lived

I live a jeans-appropriate existence. The fact is, for the majority of my day-to-day activities, jeans would be okay to wear or be the expected style choice. My job is fairly casual with its dress code. And New York city has become increasingly more casual with jeans worn at events that used to require formalwear such as going to the opera. "Dressing up" is often considered dark wash jeans.

But the fact is, I'm a woman who loves dresses. I am actually much more comfortable in a dress than jeans. And if I could wear an A-line dress with a slim fitting bodice that poufs out from the waist everyday, I would be a very happy camper. So in my dream life, I'm a "lady who lunches." This dream woman lunches at fabulous restaurants during the day with her lovely girlfriends and attends charity balls in the evening... And, of course, her wardrobe for this life is exclusively Oscar de la Renta.

He started his show with beautiful suits like this one. (Very appropriate for a smart lunch with the girls, right?)Next, came some gorgeous ethnic print dresses that would be perfect to pack for that upcoming vacation in South Africa.

Oscar showed some lovely solid-colored dresses. In my imaginary life, I would wear these to the various dinner parties I had to attend and be the most chic woman in the room.

And finally, what's a girl to wear to that formal gala or red-carpet event? Oscar has that covered, too.

In my opinion, I think his show embodied everything Fashion Week is meant to be: gorgeous, aspirational, stylish and feminine.