Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spring 2008 NY Fashion Week: Make Me Understand Vera Wang

While it's hard to tell in the picture, these are drop-crotch satin shorts.


I was watching Full Frontal Fashion yesterday night and the commentator said that Vera Wang views these as a modern take on the cargo short. WHAT? These look more like a modern take on the MC Hammer pant. Unfortunately, the pictures do not do full justice to how uncomplimentary and unforgiving these shorts are. The back view looks like the model is wearing a droopy diaper. I don't know who can pull these off since they're not really working on these 6 foot tall, 110 pound models. I am not amused.

And remember what I've been saying about the death of volume?
Oy vey, Vera.... And this dress just looks like the model has a goiter growing out of the side of her thigh.

Who looks good wrapped in all this excessive, shiny fabric? Boo, Vera Wang...