Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Spring 2008 NY Fashion Week: Making Sense of Marc

I worship at the altar of Marc Jacobs. I make no bones about it. I agree that he is a genius and doesn't just design lines but moves fashion in a new direction almost every season. I want to BE that funky, hip, luxurious downtown girl (with a few of my own grown-up touches) that his clothes represent. I buy into it wholeheartedly. But his Spring 2008 namesake collection confounds me.

The Bad
The "silly-string guipure gown"
Marc's been quoted as saying he "loves a blouse that's dumb." Well, this dress with it's awkward top and strange strings hanging from is dumb.

The tan shoe was billed as the "too-small pump"and the hot pink and green shoe is what I will call "the accident waiting to happen." The too-small pump seems a little more wearable than the shoe with the heel protruding from the foot bed but both are not knocking my socks off.

Even Worse
I don't understand what's going on here. I'm not going to try.

All of these layers for SPRING??? Even the model looks frightened.

The Interesting
Trompe l'oeil Underwear

Underwear as Outerwear
Marc's usage of underwear as part of the outerwear of the ensemble was an interesting theme, although I feel like I may have seen this explored before.

The Good

I love the looks above for a simple reason: They're pretty. There are no gimmicks, no tricks and they don't need to be explained. And isn't that what most of us really want? The chance to wear a pretty outfit and feel good in it.