Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Can This Dress Be Saved?

A few months ago, I bought the above Marc by Marc Jacobs dress from Net-a-Porter. When I received it in the mail, I was a bit disappointed. Since I'm petite, the hemline of the dress reached the dreaded and leg-shortening mid-calf on me. The dress is also on-trend with a lot of volume and even though it was my correct size, I was swimming in plaid fabric. While this would be the point where the average shopper would cut their losses and return the dress, I am not the average shopper. I felt the dress was mocking me with its cute, summery-ness on the five foot-ten-inch model and its boring house-dress like appearance on five-foot-tall me. This dress was a fashion challenge that I was going to defeat! My first move was to take it to the tailor and have it shortened to knee length. When I got it back from the tailor, it still wasn't right. Next I tried wearing it with a Calvin Klein tank top underneath and a leather and rope belt I have from the Gap in order to minimize the volume. This is my end result:

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It's an improvement but something is just not working on me. Is it time to give up? Have my Marc dress and I reached the end of our relationship and it's time for it to find a leggier, happier home on Ebay? My battle with the plaid Marc dress continues....