Saturday, May 5, 2007

How Luxe is Too Luxe?

We are living in prosperous times and many Americans have money to burn on useless status symbols. This is the only way I can reasonably explain the $230 price tag for two Louis Vuitton resin hair cubes. Other than the possibility of receiving these hair cubes in a cute brown Louis Vuitton box, what makes these ponytail holders so special that they should cost ten times more than these? (And I think $23 is still a little pricey.) As an avid ponytail wearer, I also know how fragile these cubes can be. They snap or lose their elasticity after just a few uses. If you want a reasonably priced (comparatively) Louis Vuitton piece to add to your wardrobe, I would suggest the Wapity Case instead. While this is still overpriced for what you get, at least it can do double duty as an evening bag or cosmetics case.