Monday, May 21, 2007

Yves Saint Laurent Inspired

Everybody is talking about the Yves Saint Laurent Tribute Mary Jane pump. That includes me. While you can now pre-order your own pair of the "it" shoes at Saks, I would not recommend doing that. Not that I'm opposed to spending $660 on a pair of shoes. If you have that kind of disposable income or if you like to treat yourself, go for it. But I think for most of us regular fashionistas, a $660 shoe is a big splurge and we don't spend it lightly. While a classic shoe that with proper care you will wear for years to come might be worth it, I don't think the YSL Tribute is a "new classic" shoe. Like Uggs boots forever remind me of the year 2003, the YSL Tribute is very "of the moment." Spending that kind of money on a shoe that will be so over this time next year seems silly to me. So now that I've talked you out of the YSL's, you can still get your peep-toe-platform-stiletto-Mary Jane-Tribute-ish fix with a lower priced brand.