Monday, July 9, 2007

Me & My Bulga

As you may remember, I've been contemplating purchasing a Bulga handbag for a few months now. I just wasn't willing to pay $600 or more for one. In the hierarchy of labels that exists in my mind (Marc Jacobs being at the top of that hierarchy), Bulga is just not a brand I am willing to shell out major cash for. I think Bulga makes lovely handbags but they have not established the brand cache in the fashion world that would make it justifiable to spend that kind of money on their accessories.

Although I had been invited to the Bulga Sample Sale, my schedule was so hectic that week that I wasn't able to attend. But lo and behold, a few weeks ago I was doing one of my daily checks of my favorite online stores' sale pages and I found the Bulga Double Strap Pocket Satchel on sale at Neiman Marcus and ShopBop! Wahoo! Both stores had the bag on sale in all colors for $446. While this was a good deal since the bag was originally priced at $638, I still thought that was a little high. So every morning I would go back and check both stores and hope that the bag would go down in price a little more. Miraculously one morning, as I was sipping my coffee at work and trying to get ready for the long day ahead, I clicked onto the Bulga brand listing on ShopBop and saw that the Double Strap Pocket Satchel had went down to $319! I wanted to spin around in my chair, shake my cubicle-mate and shout, "The Bulga bag I want is HALF-PRICED!!!!" But she wouldn't have cared and I would have looked foolish. I contained my excitement and went ahead and ordered the bag.

My purse came in the mail about six days later and I love it. The leather is buttery soft and it's the perfect size for all my essentials (wallet, make-up kit, Ipod, Blackberry) as well as a good book to read on the subway ride home from work. And, of course, there's nothing as satisfying as getting something you want at a bargain price. The peculiar part of this story is that the bag I bought is back to full price on ShopBop. That just goes to show that being a power shopper and finding a good deal requires vigilance, determination and just a little good luck. Happy shopping!