Sunday, October 21, 2007

Trends: Boots that Look Like Shoes with Socks

I was perusing the latest boots by Marc By Marc Jacobs on Zappos and I noticed the following:

These are boots that make the wearer appear to have on shoes with socks. "How peculiar?!" I thought. But this is Marc and he's known for doing odd things, so I ignored it and kept clicking.

Then I saw these by Giuseppe Zanotti on ShopBop:

And these semi-cute versions of the style by Jill Stuart:

Marc by Marc has an even fuglier version of this style:

I really can't imagine why anyone would wear these. First of all, high-heeled shoes with socks can be a difficult look to pull off in general. So why make boots that are meant to give the illusion of this look? And what does one pair them with? Other than the Jill Stuart ones, these all look far from sexy or feminine. And I suspect next year, as you're weeding through your closet for things for the Goodwill, these are going to scream WINTER 2007! and be among the first things to go. I wouldn't consider these a classic style at all. I will be passing on this trend, but if you absolutely adore any of these, click on the pictures for purchasing information.