Sunday, October 21, 2007


A few months ago, my husband and I were a part of a pink wedding. My husband was a groomsman and the bride asked that all the female guests wear their "favorite shade of pink." My first thoughts were, "WHAT? I'm 33! I don't wear pink dresses!" But then I thought since my husband was in the wedding, I couldn't just ignore the bride's request. So what to do... what to do??? My personal mantra when faced with a style challenge on this level is: W.W.G.K.D. or "What Would Grace Kelly Do?"

To me, Grace Kelly in Alfred Hitchcock's movies is the epitome of style. She is always chic, sophisticated, feminine and put together. She not only always looks great but it's clear that whoever put together her wardrobe thought about it. While careless chic is great for the few women who have that going, I appreciate people who think about where they're going and look their best for that particular occasion and circumstance. So take a lesson from Grace Kelly in a few of my favorite Hitchcock films and be inspired to add a little Grace (and grace!) and elegance to your wardrobe.

Rear Window
A plunging neckline and a full skirt accentuates a feminine figure.
A little black dress and pearls are always a sophisticated choice.
And if you're not into pearls, go for a big statement jewelry piece like an oversived charm bracelet.

To Catch a Thief
Why not wear a great big hat? You're fabulous enough to pull it off!
White is not just for your wedding day.
A scarf tied demurely around your neck is charming!

Dial M for Murder
You can't have too many red dresses. Don't you want all eyes on you when you enter a room?

Stop carrying so much stuff around! Downsize into a small frame bag.

Most of the pictures I used for this post came from Grace Kelly Online. And it's a good thing I found that site since I would have never been aware of the Grace Kelly Tribute going on at Sotheby's. Here are the details:

Place: Sotheby's - 1334 York Avenue @ 72nd Street
Time: Daily from 10AM to 5PM & Sundays from 1PM to 5PM
Free and open to the public

So if I've piqued your interest about Grace Kelly with this post, be sure to check out the exhibition!